The question “Who am I?” seems so simple yet in reality it’s one of the most difficult to answer.

I remember when I was about five (5) years older, when someone ask me “Who are you?” I would simply say my name.

But if someone was to ask me that same question today I will be a little more hesitant about my answer.

Why? Because I’ve come to realize that as we grow and develop from children to young adults, we listen and learn from the world and others around us, when others listen to and learn from us, we learn that our needs are valid and that we are valuable. We learn that we are individuals with our own identities and our own ideas and sets of behaviors.

Nonetheless, with the growing popularity of social media, nowadays more than ever we are called upon to show off ‘who we are’.

And while things like Facebook encourage the best of us to exaggerate our good bits while glossing over the bad, for some of us, our inability to be authentic is more than an online issue.

It is a struggle in every part of our lives.

but who am I?…

You see, learning about ourselves and developing a solid sense of identity can help us feel adequately meaningful and fulfilled because we are better able to guide our lives to what we desire.

I’ve come to realize that it involves digging deep into your childhood and revealing the experiences that shaped you—good and bad. It means realizing what your beliefs are and living by them.

The journey however is not always an easy road. It includes fear, confusion, misunderstanding, doubt and literally re-visiting all your choices in life.

It also involves cleaning of the mind, your emotions, and your surroundings—including the people in your life. It demands to make some tough decisions and sticking to them.

My journey thus far requires me to cut some people out of my life…even though this one is really hard for me and it’s a work in progress.

I call these people “hobbies.” They were hobbies because I allowed them to be and it wasn’t until I realized that many of these relationships were one-sided — the discovery process — that I decided to cut them out.

It has seen me completely change the course of my life and start to follow my true passion and purpose.

I have started to set intentions and no longer have expectations from others but instead, I have started to look within for answers.

I’ve had several setbacks along the way and I have no doubt I will have many more but, I’m not giving up this time. What I know for sure is that the journey is worth taking.

I am slowly becoming calmer, more aware, and more tolerant. I am learning how to pay attention to my feelings and understand myself better.

so who am I?…

Over a period of nine (9) years of learning and contributing, I have aquired relevant skills and experience in organizing youth programs and providing guidance to teens and young adults; creating and delivering engaging content for digital platforms, print, radio, and television; operate industry-standard audio-visual equipments; and, artfully use multimedia elements to increase engagement.

With these, I am passionate about using multimedia digital solutions to lead especially the growing men and women to GOD, inspire them to reach their utmost GOALS, and experience Christlike GROWTH in their lives. 

My core genius lies in areas of teaching, learning, and praying; so I schedule my lifetime around these activities since they’re the things I absolutely love and the things that don’t feel like work to me.

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.

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  1. I cherish and respect the idea that yu have discovered urself, what yu will do and bring you joy in doing it you should always keep pushing for it.


  2. It takes a lot of years for many people to know what their purpose in life is.
    And this always happen after a lot of struggle or good or bad experiences.
    But after all let’s use our passions to make the world a better place.


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